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Welcome to the Blog of Commu! 
On this page, you’ll find a collection of revelations about the day-to-day life of a startup, experiences from Commu users, and insights from our partners on helping, asking for help, volunteering and community.

How to offer help

I want to help but how? How to get started with Commu

There are many ways to help …

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Discover why companies should participate in local community

Why companies need to be part of the local community

Have you ever thought about how …

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Auta naapuria koiranhoidossa ja 66 muuta tapaa auttaa, lue vinkit muiden auttamiseen

Want to help others but don’t know how? Read 67 tips!

Why did we list 67 things? …

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Mitä hyötyä toisten auttamisesta ja vapaaehtoistyöstä on minulle, lue blogi

6 reasons why helping others is good for you

These last few years, we all …

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Mitä on sosiaalinen vastuullisuus ja miten sitä voi edistää työpaikoilla käytännössä,

What is (corporate) social responsibility?

Social responsibility and corporate social responsibility …

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Haloo Music Group sijoitti auttamisen tori Commuun. Kuvaajana Marek Sabogal

Haloo Helsinki! joined helping app Commu

There is a growing need for …

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Yritysten kokemuksia Commusta,

How helping is beneficial to the company culture

Developing a nice company culture is …

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“You don’t have to be a millionaire to help” – Satu cleans homes with the help of Commu.

Satu, 24, from Hämeenlinna loves cleaning. …

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How we dealed with unfixable but serious bug

Some weeks ago we encountered a …

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