Auta naapuria koiranhoidossa ja 66 muuta tapaa auttaa, lue vinkit muiden auttamiseen

Want to help others but don’t know how? Read 67 tips!

Why did we list 67 things? Nelson Mandela, who was an activist and president of South Africa, spent his life to making the world a better place. He dedicated 67 years fighting for social justice. In honour of this, Mandela Day promotes and encourages to do good for 67 minutes.

But anyway, what does it mean to “do good”? How can we easily help others? To help you get ideas, we’ve gathered in this article 67 ideas to do good! We divided them into categories so that you can choose what to do according to your interests and skills. Read how you can help others and start helping in a way that suits you!

67 easy ways to help



Help children

Be with the elderly

Use your skills

Offer company

Take care of your community

Commun kautta voit löytää uusia ystäviä


So yes, it’s actually not that difficult to help others! You don’t need to be a millionaire to help others. Some help might need skills, but most of the time there’s no need for specific skills. If you’re interested to help but nervous to do it alone, bring your family or friend with you. Also, remember that you can always help a family member and friend too.

Commu is here for you to make helping easier. Download our app on App Store and Google Play and start posting or browsing notices around your area!

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