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Find volunteers and new members to your nonprofit

Would you like to find more volunteers for your nonprofit? Need data on your nonprofit’s activities for reporting, marketing and funding applications? Is your nonprofit interested in working with local businesses?


Commu is Finland’s largest platform for helping and your nonprofit is warmly welcome to join!

Nonprofit volunteer management software Commu
Kati Liikonen, Executive Director, Hämeen Setlementti
"Hämeen Setlementti ry has cooperated with Commu in several different ways until the summer of 2021, with both Commu itself and through project cooperation. I myself have experienced the cooperation with them as easy, professional and competent. We have received additional tools for our work as an organisation and also positive visibility for our organisation e.g. in the summer of 2022, an event was organised in cooperation with Hämeen Setlementti, Commu and Loimua, where children and young people had their own nice day with event points and volunteers. I would like to warmly recommend cooperation with Commu to others as well."

Where can I find more volunteers for my nonprofit?

Volunteers are a vital part of the daily life and activities of nonprofits. However, finding new volunteers on Facebook groups can be challenging and the reach of your own social media channels is limited.


Commu nonprofit account serves the busy daily lives of nonprofits and sports clubs by providing a tool to effectively reach out to new volunteers in the local area and inform them about volunteering opportunities.

How does a Commu association account work?

Add multiple users for the same nonprofit account.
This allows different people in your nonprofit to create notices and have conversations with Commu users.

Commu is a volunteer management software for nonprofits, download now commuapp (3)
Commu is a volunteer management software for nonprofits, download now commuapp (2)

You can create notices on a map, for example in your non-profit organisation’s office, to inform about activities, events and the need for volunteers.

You can measure the social impact of volunteering through Commu and use the data for marketing, reporting or funding applications.

How to get your nonprofit in Commu

Commu is a marketplace of help, connecting the helper and the person in need of help. Commu can help your nonprofit find people interested in volunteering. You can also track the social impact of volunteering through Commu.


Get started with a free account or develop your activities with a powerful volunteer management tool.

Get help in Commu, ask for help and give help

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Commu is a volunteer management software for nonprofits

Ask for help and give help

Your nonprofit is now in Commu, great! Now is the time to make volunteering visible to local people. Create notices, share stories, connect with people in your area.

What all is included in a Commu nonprofit account?

Commu’s team has expertise and background in both volunteer coordination and nonprofit work. We want to make life easier for associations and enable Commu users to find interesting opportunities to help and services in their local area.

  • Ease the volunteer coordinator’s workload by finding, organising and coordinating volunteers from Commu.
  • Manage volunteer shifts and send messages to volunteers without sharing phone numbers or emails
  • Create awareness of your nonprofit and services by creating stories and announcements for tens of thousands of users.
  • Find companies to get involved. Through Commun, you can start a low-threshold business partnership.
  • Measure the social impact created by your volunteers through Commu.
  • Showcase your impact data on an easily shareable and brandable website.
  • Use impact data in your marketing, reports and funding applications.


Free for nonprofits, now and always!
  • 2 notices in Commu map
  • 2 admins
  • Nonprofit management system


For leading nonprofits!
49 month, billed yearly
  • Unlimited amount of notices on Commu map
  • 5-99 admins
  • Unlimited amount of volunteers in the volunteer management system
  • Impact tool
  • Preferred partner for company collaboration
  • Social media collaboration in Commu's channels
  • SEO optimized blog post, written according to an interview
  • Logo on Commu website and showcase materials

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