Story of Commu

What is Commu?

Commu is a startup founded by three young entrepreneurs with the goal of making it easier to help and ask for help. Commu is a mobile application where you can ask and give help in your area. We serve private users, organizations as well as companies. We believe that lowering the threshold to ask for and give help, and making it as easy as possible, can promote community and reduce loneliness.

January 2021

Commu’s journey begins

Sami and Ronnie find Karo’s profile in Kiuas Inside -startup group. The trio meets, goes to an escape room and starts working on Commu.

January 2021

April 2021

Volunteers test Commu

Over 100 volunteers test Commu’s beta -version in Tampere region. The app is buggy and doesn’t always work but we get lots of feedback and can improve Commu.

April 2021

May 2021

Commu is released in app stores!

We release Commu on App Store and Google Play! Hundreds of users join during the first weeks.

May 2021

Autumn 2021

Team focuses on Commu

Commu has more than 2000 users and we start our first organisation pilots. Team quits their day jobs and focus on building Commu.

Autumn 2021

Winter 2021

Commu peaks investor interest

Commu’s progression has been super fast so far and investors see that. 7 investors join our team with decades of experience and 100,00€.

Winter 2021

January 2022

Commu’s team grows!

Nearly 4000 users have joined Commu and we hire 2 new team members during beginning of the year.

January 2022

March 2022

Russia attacks Ukraine

Our users want to help Ukrainians coming to Finland. We code quickly a Ukrainian version of Commu and other tools to make helping easier. More than 300 Ukrainians have found help in Commu, all over Finland.

March 2022

Spring 2022

10,000 users!

We reached 10,000 users in just a few months and keep on growing organically, thanks to our users.

Spring 2022

Autumn 2022

Commu grows, fast

We hire more people to our team and Commu reaches 25,000 user threshold.

Autumn 2022

Winter 2023

Now we are here!

Commu is the Largest Platform of Helping in Finland and that is all thanks to our tens of thousands of users, first company and nonprofit customers and investors.

Winter 2023

Get to know Commu team

We are a team of twenty entrepreneurs and our goal is to make helping and asking for help easier. Why? Read more about our team!

Ronnie Nygren

How do I build my own support network?

“I had just moved to Tampere when the Covid19 pandemic struck. I didn’t know anyone from my new hometown and was wondering who I could ask for help with, for example, going to the store or pharmacy. I would have wanted to help myself. That is why I started bouncing around the idea of a digital doorbell where you could easily ask for and give help in your immediate area. “


Ronnie has a long background in app development and has built the Commu app. Ronnie leads the Commu team and is responsible for developing our business.

Communities reduce loneliness

“I’m an identical triplet and through that I’ve always belonged to a community. The power of communities is huge. If I don’t have my own safety net, social well-being can be shaken. Through my background as a psychiatric nurse I recognize the challenges in different situations in life and how communities can prevent those issues. Through Commu I aim to be a part of the change in the culture of helping and asking for help. ”


Sami is a mental health professional who takes care of Commu’s partners, association partners and of course users.

Sami Ekmark
Karoliina Kauhanen

Everyone can ask for and give peer support

“Growing up, I was really sick as a child and during my teenage years. I felt that my illnesses defined me as a human being and I no longer belonged to any group. Peer to peer support is important to me, because we all have experiences someone could learn and benefit from. If we support each other, we can prevent social isolation and loneliness together. I don’t want anyone feel left alone.


Karoliina is a marketing and content professional who takes care of users, partnerships and investors at Commu.

How can I use Commu application?

Commu is a mobile application where you can ask for and give help in your nearby area. We are not a freelance platform, but we focus on making it easier to help our neighbors, help them, give and ask for peer support.

Commu yhdistyksille ja järjestöille,

Would you like to help?

Do you have the time every now and then and would like to do good? You are in the right place!


At Commu, you can give help when it suits you, in a way that suits you. You can create your own notice on the mobile app map, or search for ways to help in your area. You can help both individuals and organizations.


“You don’t have to be a millionare to be able to help.” Read our user Satu’s story about helping others >


Do you need help?

Do you need help with everyday things? At Commu, you can ask people in your area for help on a low threshold.


Do you need to change a light bulb, did you sprain your ankle and your dog should be taken out many times a day? Commu is built just for you. Commu exists so you can be confident that no matter what happened in life, a safety net exists.

Commu on uusi auttamisen alusta, naapuriapu, talkooapu vähentää yksinäisyyttä

Goal is to do good and create a profitable business

Everything we do is driven by the desire to do good while creating a profitable business. We are a team of twenty-something entrepreneurs and we believe that together we can make a difference. The partnership between businesses and associations allows us to offer the platform to individuals free of charge.



For associations, we offer a new way to find and manage volunteers. Read more about our association products >



For businesses, we want to enable the tools to put social responsibility goals from talk into practice, through volunteering. More and more companies allow their employees to volunteer during working hours, but organising activities is challenging and time-consuming. Through Commun, companies can make volunteering easy and measurable. Learn more about corporate volunteering and book a 15-minute demo >

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