“You don’t have to be a millionaire to help” – Satu cleans homes with the help of Commu.

Satu, 24, from Hämeenlinna loves cleaning. She has long offered her cleaning services to the needy through various social media channels. Satu tried out the help marketplace Commu and was inspired to do even more good.


“I spotted a mention of Commu in a Facebook group. I was inspired by the idea that I could offer my help and experience to people in my local area,” says Satu. “I immediately downloaded Commu and stayed in the background for a while to see how the app worked. After a while, I dared to create my own help ad on the app’s map, offering cleaning help to people in need.”


Cleaning is a concrete way for Satu to do good. Commu puts the helper and the needy on the same map, and Satu says the app is a great way to put his skills, experience and time to good use.


 “I must have a cleaning gene because I love cleaning!” Satu laughs. “I’m motivated to see the change and when I’m cleaning I can see the results of my own hands immediately. With Commu, I can do something I love and do good things at the same time.” 

Satu says the Commu app is a great way to put your skills, experience and time to good use.

You don't have to be a millionaire to help - your own skills, experience and time are enough

Through the Commu app, Satu has already been able to help many individuals and families. Satu describes her cleaning experiences as “warm-hearted”, and she has already arranged to meet some of them again.


“The first time I went to Commu to clean, the problem wasn’t so much the mess or the dirt in the home,” Satu says. “There was just too much stuff, and together we discussed what we could recycle and what could be thrown away.”


Satu describes helping as a way of life. She is and has been involved in several different associations in the Kanta-Häme region, such as Kissakoti Kattila and Hämeenlinna Hope ry.

“I have also offered my help in various Facebook groups, but in my experience, helping through Commu is the easiest way to help,” Suvi says. “My life is going well, why not help others? You don’t need to be a millionaire or have a huge amount of time to help.”

Kysyimme vielä loppuun Satulta nopeita kysymyksiä hänen kokemuksistaan auttamisesta ja Commusta:
Satu helps by cleaning the homes of the needy for free via Commu.

What are Satu's experiences with Commu?

We finished by asking Satu a few quick questions about his experiences of helping and Commu.

Why did you start using Commu?

“My experience is that there is a great need for an app like Commu. We Finns are really bad at asking for help anyway, I see that with the app we can help each other with a low threshold.”


“Helping doesn’t have to be big and pompous. It is enough that we can support each other in everyday life and even in difficult situations.”

How and for what kind of help would you use the Commu app?

“We all have strengths and experiences that could help each other. On the other hand, each of us could also use peer support and help in our daily lives. For example, I hate cooking. For example, what we have done with friends is that I have gone to their house to clean and then they reciprocate by coming to mine to cook. Mutual help makes life easier for both of us.


 If you have the time and want to help, Commu is the way to find someone who needs help.”

What kind of change would you like to make with Commu?

“I would like people to have more courage to ask for and give help. You don’t always have to go it alone and it’s not a hassle to ask for help. If there’s something that’s bothering you or you can’t do it yourself, you could be brave enough to ask for a helping hand.


We all benefit if we can get it done.”

Why is helping the best way to meet new people?

“You don’t always have to go it alone. Helping can be something you do together, like chatting, jogging, shopping or even putting together furniture. It’s easy to get to know someone while you’re doing it. I see great potential in Commu because it is neither a gossip board nor a traditional social media. Commu connects people and it’s good that you can work locally. And on the other hand, if I wanted to go to another place, I could look in Commu and see if there was a house to clean!”


A big thank you to Satu for being our user and thank you for the interview! Would you like to tell us about your experience in Commu? Send us a message!


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