What is Commu alpha group?
2021 Jan 22 By administeri 0 comment

In February we will release the Commu App prototype. In this blog post we talk about prototype and alpha group.

Goal of the prototype is to test the market fit. We want to validate that our platform is the best solution to work as marketplace for services and that people get the kind of value we promise to bring. We will collect user feedback about challenges, successes and must-have features through different kinds of methods. This means that alpha group will have crucial role in shaping the platform and that’s why frequent communication with the alpha group users is hugely important.

Prototype shall have all key features necessary to make main points work. That is, users can sell, trade or offer services and help. Map and list views can be used to look for offers around you and chat and deal tools can be used to finalize deals. Ease of use, intuitivity and practicality are the key aspects to make Commu work. Our goal is that users get the gist immediatly and thus become part of the network of helpers.

After succesfully validating market fit and value proposition we aim to expand by targeting one city at the time, building the new network of services and help. So join us now and be part of our journey towards this goal!