2020 Dec 17 By administeri 0 comment

Join our journey towards a more communal world and build a new kind of helping platform with us.

It’s easy to sell goods between people, but not services. In addition, it is difficult to utilize help-like work as part of one’s own economy. If you would like to offer or ask for help, which platform currently offers tools and channels for it?

And in these times when the world is becoming more and more hectic, the question is, do you have to do everything yourself? The future looks increasingly uncertain, for example in terms of employment. The need for communality is constantly growing, but at the same time, society is showing more and more phenomena that are fueling polarization.

To this end, we want to build Commu. Our platform will consist of a mobile application where people can sell, exchange or offer services. On this platform, you can easily search for servicesnear you on the map, make deals easily and also handle money transactions safely. We are currently building a prototype. At the same time, we are gathering the first group of users to test the platform and develop it with us. In addition to this, we also seek to complement our team and seek interested funders for our mission.

Welcome to this trip.