Commu for clubs

Commu connects your club

Our tools help members come together and build community through helping, while our management tools make your job as a community manager simple, secure and effortless.

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Manage registrations and members effortlessly

With our tools you can keep track of members and member registry. With just a few clicks you can effortlessly find the right people & save reusable filters for later use. Coordinators can easily store and share relevant meta-information & add useful tags.

Our task system enabled fool-proof and easy way to collect registrations to whatever activities you have, from basic training sessions to volunteering events. Never lose track of who is coming, where and when, but also make it easy for members to keep track of their own commitments.

Publish your activities & gain new members!

One of the most unique features of Commu is that is Commu the clubs are automatically part of the open network of individuals & organisations that engage in various help & community related activities. You can also publish your services & activities here! 

Commu enables you to build registration funnel directly in to Commu. Build forms and share links to whatever channels you have. You can easily manage incoming submissions and manage onboarding with our tools.

Community needs tools to engage & contribute, we got you covered.

You can model your activities to teams that enable direct interaction between members, but you can also enable members to build their own groups and teams, to foster member-led growth in your club! Our team tools allow not only communication, but sharing actions, stories, tasks & information in a smooth way, so that no information gets lost, everybody gets to participate and stays in the loop.

We have also included ability build various goals and competitions, that make it even more easier to engage members to various activities and develop the activity.

Asking & giving help made easy!
Data always available for reporting

Best way to build community to ensure effortless ways to give support in the network. Everything cannot happen top down, so when members can directly give and ask for help, community grows together and club grows stronger.

When done through Commu app, the knowledge, alongside with all the tasks and events happening can be easily combined to beautiful reports or exported to your existing reporting systems.

Sound good, right? So how the get started?

1. Let’s have a meeting and go over how your club works

We want to understand you. We will go over how the tools would work for your activities the best way and setup the basics.

2. Let’s open the account for your club and go over the basics.

Goal is to have your account ready before members come in and make sure coordinators have the necessary know-how.

3. Then we invite club members & model existing activities to Commu. 

Members can be invite by sharing link or importing them from existing database.

4. To make sure everybody knows how to use Commu in best way, we share material, instructions & tips for you.

You can share this material forward in your club. You can also talk with us if you would like to setup a common kickoff meeting with members. 

5. It’s time to work! We keep up with you to make sure everything is going well and helping you forward if there are challenges.

Your success is our success.