Hi! It is nice to see you here.

On this page you will find information about joining the Commu test group. We are bringing together people who want to help us make Commu’s first prototype better. Members of the test team will have access to the Commu prototype for an Android device. 

At the end of the testing period, as a token of our gratitude for your help and feedback we have a lucky draw, where we give away prices donated by our partners.


Start by typing your Google-account’s email here

We only ask this so we can add you to a closed Android test group in the Google Play -store.

What happens next:


We send you a link to access and download Commu prototype

Download the app to your phone via the link in the email. Link will take you to Google Play -store.


Register in the app as a Commu user

After this you can sign in to Commu.


Create your first notice

Whether it is going to the store, helping someone with their computer, taking care of animals, anything.
Remember to also view other people’s notices!


Create new connections and exchange help with other members of the test group

The goal is to make at least one exchange while testing the application.