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Commu is a mobile app where you can give, ask for and trade help in your nearby area. Commu brings together those who want to help with those who need help, all in the same map. 10,000 users in Finland and counting!


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Commu is a new marketplace for help, give and ask for help with your neighbours at commuapp.fi

How to use Commu to help Ukrainians

зверніться за допомогою до програми Commu у Фінляндії

Знайдіть інформацію українською про Commu та як отримати допомогу у Фінляндії.

Help Ukrainians coming to Finland in Commu, commuapp.fi

Information in English, on how you can offer your help via Commu to Ukrainian people arriving to Finland.

Tarjoudu auttamaan ukrainalaisia pakolaisia Commun kautta, commuapp.fi

Tietoa suomeksi, miten voit tarjota apuasi Suomeen saapuville ukrainalaisille Commun kautta.

Why Commu?

It is not easy to ask for or give help. According to recent studies, one in two adults experiences loneliness often or all the time. We want to bring neighbourhood communities together and reduce loneliness with an easy-to-use mobile app.

Anna apua Commussa, vapaaehtoisuus, hyväntekeväisyys

Find help

Find help when you need it, near you or remotely.

Vaihda apua Commussa, commuapp.fi

Give and trade help.

Make use of your skills and do good, when it is convenient for you.

Rakenna turvaverkostoja Commussa, commuapp.fi

Build your support networks

Get to know people and organisations near you in a safe, neutral place.

What is Commu? Watch this video!

Who is Commu for?

Commu App on uusi auttamisen tori

Individual users

In Commu you can build support networks and find help when you need it.

Commu yhdistyksille, commuapp.fi


Commu offers associations and NGO’s tools to find volunteers and market activities.

Tampere United Commu App

Sports Clubs

Sports clubs can find new volunteers and inform about their activities in Commu.

Commu in news and competitions

"I joined Commu to give cleaning help for those who need help.
Send me a message via Commu with some pics of your home, I will clean it for free :)"
Auri @aurikatariina on myös Commussa!
Queen of Cleaning Aurikatariina
Commu user and influencer @aurikatariina
"I think Commu has the potential to act as a good network for people. You can give and ask for low threshold help, which all of us need in our everyday lives."

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